Hull ComSoc 2013

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A6Comsoc FlyerLast year I was elected as secretary of the ComSoc exec team for 2013. This means that along with all the emailing and minute taking, I get to take a big part in promoting the society among the new freshers. We decided to try and generate a lot of hype at the societies fair and decided to borrow three xbox 360’s from Platform Studios. We also had 500 flyers printed out to hand out at the event. Our table had a crowd throughout the whole event and people were very impressed with the flyers. I’d love to thank Platform Expo for allowing us to borrow the Xbox’s and Hull University Union for putting on the event and providing us with some free pizzas!

Hull ComSoc 2013Following on from the Societies fair, we attended the Computer Science Fresher’s party along with Platform Studios to do a quick talk about the society and to setup a 10 Xbox LAN game of Gears of War. This was very well received and it was a great opportunity to meet the new students. After the party we decided to have our first un-official social at karaoke in the Union.

WP_20131002_003Yesterday was our first Fragfest of the year. We decided to make this a free event for people to attend before they paid to become a member of the society. So they could try it out and see if they liked us enough to pay their subs! Because of this we were expected a pretty big turn out and decided to run one big TF2 LAN game and a separate game of DOTA. We ended up having to swap people around pretty much every game and even had people waiting out in the corridor between games!WP_20131009_002

All in all this year is looking to be a really good one for the society and I can’t wait to see what’s in store for us. If your interested in joining, join our group on facebook!


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