Big Bang Fair 2014

I spent last week with Microsoft DPE helping out at the UK Interactive Gaming stand as part of the Big Bang Fair in Birmingham. Big Bang Fair is a national exhibition of all things STEM, they do an absolutely amazing job of getting kids excited about all things “sciency” and technical. We shared our stand with some great people f [...]

Beard Bandit Games in Develop 100

Back in November Develop magazine released their list of the 100 most exciting European game start-ups. After quickly flicking through the free issue, we were both surprised and excited to see ourselves among such a great bunch of studios. We’re really proud of what we have achieved so far and can’t wait to see what the future holds. This fo [...]

Platform Expo 2013

Platform Expo was a huge success this year and we are proud to have been involved. Countless people have helped to make it the success it has been and we wanted to thank them all for the hard work they have put in over the past year. We really enjoyed our time at the event and the opportunity to show off our game to our own region. We arrive [...]

Comet Chaos First Showing

I haven’t had a lot of time to update my blog lately, so I’ll be doing a lightning round of back dated blog publishing. In the lead up to Platform Expo we decided to rent out an Advan  from a company called Forward and Thinking. The van was parked up in front of City Hall showcasing the Platform 2013 show reel and a playable demo [...]

Presenting at Trinity Academy

I always wish that I had gotten into game dev earlier. At school we were never really pushed, there was no inspiration to learn new things. We just had to do word documents, spread sheets and the occasional ”website”. After doing some talks at Trinity Academy this past week I am very impressed with how far things have changed. We [...]

Hull ComSoc 2013

Last year I was elected as secretary of the ComSoc exec team for 2013. This means that along with all the emailing and minute taking, I get to take a big part in promoting the society among the new freshers. We decided to try and generate a lot of hype at the societies fair and decided to borrow three xbox 360′s from Platform Studios. W [...]

EuroGamer 2013

Last week myself and Josh went down to London for Eurogamer. It was a great opportunity to meet up with the other ambassadors and see what they have been up to over the summer break.  We were invited down to help promote Windows 8 and Windows Phone to gamers and developers. When we arrived at Earls court we headed straight for our room in th [...]

iZettle Chip and Pin

As many of you know, my wife and I run a business called Metallimonsters, we sell a wide range of alternative baby clothing. We’ve had stalls at a few markets and fairs but this weekend we’ve decided to try our luck at Manchester Tattoo Convention. We thought it was about time to invest in some form of card reader. Or in other wo [...]

TeenTech Humber

A couple of weeks ago we had the pleasure of helping Simon Grey out at TeenTech Humber. TeenTech is a educational initiative run by Maggie Philbin to promote Science, Engineering and Technology among teenagers. They run activity days across the UK for school children interested in STEM subjects. Nick, Mickey and myself from Beard Bandit Game [...]

Microsoft Developer Day at Hull Colle...

We had a great time over at Hull Collage last week. Josh, Lee and myself went to give a talk about how to develop for Windows platforms and what software is available for them as students to get started.  We spoke to a pretty enthusiastic group of students from NextGen Computing at Hull Collage and Hull School of Art and Design. Lee started u [...]