TeenTech Humber

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TeenTech Humber

A couple of weeks ago we had the pleasure of helping Simon Grey out at TeenTech Humber. TeenTech is a educational initiative run by Maggie Philbin to promote Science, Engineering and Technology among teenagers. They run activity days across the UK for school children interested in STEM subjects. Nick, Mickey and myself from Beard Bandit Games and Josh from The Gnome Factory went down o the KC stadium to help out.

The kids were split up into groups of 100 and took each activity in turn. Simon began with a short talk about the history of the games industry and the direction it is heading in. There were a few jokes in there too but I don’t think anyone caught them!

We then started the main activity which was to design a top trumps character as a group. Our job was to help the teams out and make sure they were all up to speed with Simon instructions. Each character was given an alignment to be developed around chaotic evil to lawful good and everything in-between. Diversifiers were also thrown into the mix to help dictate the personality of each character.

The students were all given roles to help with each area of character development. There were artists, writers and game testers who all had a role to play. It was amazing to see the level of creativity amongst the students both in creative writing and illustration.

The teams each gave a short presentation about their character’s appearance and back story. We then judged each team and gave them some feedback on their creations. All of the characters are going to be drawn up by artists at Platform Studios and put into an online game created by Spooky Elephant. I can’t wait to see the final product!

Microsoft DreamSpark http://www.dreamspark.com is simple; it’s all about giving students Microsoft professional-level development and designer tools at no charge so you can chase your dreams and create the next big breakthrough in technology – or just get a head start on your career.

DreamSpark gives you the chance to develop world class software, web applications, cool and creative designs as well as amazing games.

Microsoft believes that students can do amazing things if they only have the right tools.  Our company was started when many of the founders were still students so we know that anything is possible.  To make this happen, we are aligning with universities, associations, and other communities around the world to make sure that DreamSpark reaches everyone as fast as possible.  So get a head start on a career, do better in class, or even show the world new things that technology can do….all with DreamSpark.

DreamSpark also offer all students free developer accounts on both Windows8 and Windows Phone 8. The goal to simply allow students to start developing a awesome portfolio of real apps in real stores for potential employers.


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Really enjoyed the activity and the kids did too, nice one!

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