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I always wish that I had gotten into game dev earlier. At school we were never really pushed, there was no inspiration to learn new things. We just had to do word documents, spread sheets and the occasional “website”. After doing some talks at Trinity Academy this past week I am very impressed with how far things have changed. We presented to GCSE level students who had all had experience in programming with Python. They had also used Raspberry Pi’s and had experience with Android development. WP_20131015_001

We started our talk by explaining what our positions are as Windows 8 Games Ambassadors and what we do. We followed this by talking about the opportunities of Windows 8. This was from both a consumer and developer point of view. The kids seemed impressed by some of the things you can implement as a developer and how concurrent the Microsoft platforms are. Josh went on to do quick demonstration on how to put quick prototypes together in Construct 2.

WP_20131015_002After this we got the kids to do a quick exercise. This involved coming up with a game idea based on a specification devised by us. The specification was a educational game targeted at their own age group. This went really well and the winning team were awarded with some rather snazzy Windows 8 sweets.

I then did a quick talk about the history of MonoGame and XNA and showed them a few games which have been created using them. I followed this with a live demonstration creating a small game for Windows 8.

The kids really got involved and asked lots questions throughout the day. I hope they enjoyed the talks as much as we enjoyed putting them on!


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‘Giving something back’ – Josh on DreamSpark

Josh Naylor and John van Rij are Microsoft Ambassadors who do an excellent job of evangelising Microsoft

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