Platform Expo 2013

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Platform Expo was a huge success this year and we are proud to have been involved. Countless people have helped to make it the success it has been and we wanted to thank them all for the hard work they have put in over the past year. We really enjoyed our time at the event and the opportunity to show off our game to our own region.

Platform Expos

We arrived at City Hall on Wednesday to start setting up the main exhibition hall. It was really impressive to see everything come together after seeing the 3D mockups of the floor plan. It was especially exciting to unwrap our new Comet Chaos displays of Professor Awesome and Commander Grub.

Comet Chaos Platform Expo

We were again lucky enough to make use of the Forward and Thinking Advan, this time with a fancy new Comet Chaos vinyl wrap. This looked awesome in front of the City Hall and managed to draw quite a big crowd. A big thank you to Yes Yes for putting our game art together for the vinyl design. Also, thanks to Pudsey Bear for dropping by to play on Comet Chaos.

Forward and Thinking Advan Comet Chaos Platform Expo

We managed to get a lot of media attention during the event and our artist Mickey managed to get a few interviews with local news.


On the last day, we took to the stage in Ferens Art Gallery to give a talk about who we are, what we are about and our history. We also talked about the growing digital creative industry in our region and why we decided to start our own studio. It was a great experience to share our story with such receptive audience.


Thanks to everyone from else from Platform StudiosPlatform ExposYes YesVisceralMultiplayReplay and everyone else who has made Platform Expo 2013 so successful.

Platform Expo Comet Chaos


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