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Eurogamer 2013 microsoft

Last week myself and Josh went down to London for Eurogamer. It was a great opportunity to meet up with the other ambassadors and see what they have been up to over the summer break.  We were invited down to help promote Windows 8 and Windows Phone to gamers and developers.

eurogamer-trainWhen we arrived at Earls court we headed straight for our room in the press area to start setting devices up with Judge Dredd vs. Zombies and Zombie HQ. We were then joined by the guys from Zed Events who made us all up as “MS zombies” and helped us work the crowd with three Judge’s from 2000AD.

The crowd seemed to be very impressed by the two games by Rebellion and really enjoyed the Zombies and Judges. It was great to talk to some of the developers at the event and talk to them about the advantages of the platform and some of our own successes.

We were lucky to get to the venue early on the second day and had a chance to play with some of the new games and hardware available at the event. One of my highlight at the event was definitely Omni by Virtuix. A crowd funded natural movement motion device, which, combined with the Oculus rift looks like a very immersive experience.

eurogamer zombie 2013

I was also very impressed by a game by Mediatonic called Foul Play which reminds me a lot of the game play from Castle Crashers with an amazing game mechanic and story. It was the first thing I downloaded when I got home!

A rather nice chap from Scan computers invited us to have a go at Left for Dead 2 on a triple projector display. Developed for racing games, the field of view made it very difficult to play but made for a great experience with our whole peripheral vision being taken up by the game play.

Last but definitely not least we got to have a play on the new Xbox One and a variety of new games available for it. It really was a great experience and I can’t wait to get developing for the new Kinect.  The accuracy and delay felt like what I was hoping for from the original.

I just want to thank everyone from Microsoft and all the great people we met at the event for making my first Eurogamer one to remember!


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