Big Bang Fair 2014

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Big Bang Fair 2014

I spent last week with Microsoft DPE helping out at the UK Interactive Gaming stand as part of the Big…

iZettle Chip and Pin

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iZettle Chip and Pin

As many of you know, my wife and I run a business called Metallimonsters, we sell a wide range of…

Sally the Server and Hull Comp Sci Blogs

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So the newly named, Sally the Server, is all up and running with team foundation server and SQL. I have…

Collaborative Projects

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After participating in a number of team collaborations at University I have found that there are certain pros and cons…

PowerLine Adapters

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When we moved into our house, we had to have a new main phone socket installed. The engineer would only install it in the front room. This wasn’t ideal as my study is on the other side of the house, however at the time we were using a wireless broadband supplier who would install their line at the rear of the house.

This supplier, NextGenus, turned out to be a complete joke, and offered the worst service I have ever had.

So we ended up going back to karoo, who have actually gotten their act together and are supplying us with a very stable and consistant connection. The only downside was that our main socket is on the wrong side of the house.

Instead of routing a network cable through the house I decided to try PowerLine adapters to provide a connection to my study. I chose the TP-LINK AV200 starter kit which comes with two 200Mbps adapters for £35. I was worried that having them one two different power circuits would effect performance, but this doesn’t seam to make a difference.  They were extremely easy to set up and will make it a lot easier to expand the network.

I had originally planned to lay a network cable to the garage at the end of my garden. This would have involved a lot of digging and effort. The garage already has it’s own electricity circuit and the adapters are rated for a 300m range so this will make it a lot easier to connect it to the network.


Lumia 800

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Since my hit and miss attempts at creating an XNA game for the Xbox 360 at the lastThree Thing Game, I have been trying my hand at XNA development for the Windows Phone 7 platform.  This of course led me to the Orange shop in Hull to see if I could get my hands on the latest handset. I ended up buying out the remaining months of my contract and walking away with a Lumia 800, in a pretty funky colour I might add.

I have always been a big fan of Android and had never really looked into Windows 7 phones before starting to play around with the SDK. I’m only partially ashamed to admit that I find the Windows platform far superior.

I have been doing a lot of work lately on a GPS based game that we hope to enter into the Microsoft Imagine Cup in a few weeks. It looks like there a few strong teams and good ideas floating around at University. I can’t wait to see all the presentations on the 20th.